An Unusual Experience


Figured I'd put this on a separate link since this is a bit out there, but sometimes things get a bit of out there with an experience that inspires you to want to explore the realms of science that are out there.

This strange series of triggering experiences that all happened back in 1977 I'll describe briefly to yield some continuity as to what lead up to the desire into the exploration of the other side of life.

Looking for the hidden workings behind the appearances

I've always tried to strive for somewhat of a more scientific explanation that has somewhat of a framework and logical basis. Just as today's leading edges of science are now discovering that we create our experience or as they say the observer effects the experiment. Meaning just about anything you come up with does have it's own reality, but what is more important, is to understand is what is the common denominator of a universal principle law that is at work, that is true for everyone, regardless of your belief, rather than just a belief system one person out of their perspective calls true.


The Geometry of Consciousness Experience

This unusual experience that happened which led me into this subject, let's just say I don't know why or how this happened, but it definitely happened. Who knows, maybe it was some inter-dimensional being high speed download teaching experience. I have read where similar experiences by people who have written about what is described as a Kundalini opening experience, whereas this was occurring during what was supposed to be a process of hypnotic regression turned into what felt like thousands of volts of electricity going through my hands and legs through my feet with a lucid visual image with my eyes closed of a being with a large head and eyes conveying information telepathically about what some commonly term "Sacred" Geometry.

The experience was quite real and vivid when I was having it back in 1977, and at the time I had absolutely no prior knowledge about this subject.  The energy level during all this was intense to put it mildly, yet very loving at the same time. It felt as though this being needed to raise my energy or frequency level in order to interact with him or her. The being which had enormous loving energy coming from it's eyes, projected in space a solid sphere
. The following images are an attempt to visually simulate these experiences.

Unbeknown to me, strangely that same year 1977, Marcel Vogel was also having a Kundalini opening experience on top of a sacred mountain in Trivandrum, India.







As I observed the solid sphere, geometries started to form within the sphere. The first pattern appeared to look like a 6 pointed star structure (possibly a star tetrahedron) then one geometrical pattern connected to the points within that pattern and then another to that one, one within within the other, with greater and greater complexity as each pattern connected within the next into infinity until no further patterns could be discerned as the total complexity of patterns turned into a solid sphere once again.   

The being conveyed in a telepathic manner that each one of us is in actuality a perfect sphere and connected to everyone else as in a matrix, yet as we evolve, we are each a unique complex frequency (possibly connected to our DNA) of geometrical patterns of consciousness that is aware of the sub-patterns of consciousness within the sphere but not of the of the higher-patterns of consciousness within that sphere which encompass the lower, and that it is through the vehicle of Love that we transcend our current vibrational geometry to the next higher to encompass more of the totality of the sphere which, in actuality, we all are, as each of us is resonating at an aspect of the totality of the sphere.

This whole thing left me with an intense interest to find out what this was all about. The next day I started reading everything I could get my hands on about the topic of "Sacred Geometry" which was limited in 1977 compared to today. I even joined the Rosicrucian Order, of which I am still a member, to acquire information from as many sources as I could to attempt to understand this experience and discovered just like the being was projecting, that the geometrical patterns do indeed fit one into the other as in the Platonic Solids into infinity.




Note: In the year 2022 I learned from Elena Danann who is an emissary for the Galactic Federation of Worlds, that the being I interacted with is an "Emerther".

Illustration by Elena Danaan from her book "A Gift from the Stars" detailing 110 different extraterrestrial races.

EMERTHER They come from Tau Ceti, double star system (yellow dwarf and mini red dwarf) in the constellation of Cetus, 11 Light-Years from Terra, with 5 planets, two only are inhabited, One by the Aramani and one, Tau Ceti e, a large planet with three moons, by the Emerther. Their world is a wonderful place of peace, civilization, spirituality and knowledge. Part of the Council of Five, this very old race is distantly related to the Solipsi Rai. They are a single gender and reproduce by cloning. This is the product of an engineered evolution. They are not very tall, about a meter, have a pale grey skin and a large head, round shoulders and long thin arms, three fingers and higher knees. What differentiate them from all the other races of Greys, is that some features didn’t evolve the same way and in particular their nose. Emerther are the only known species of Greys who have a prominent little nose. They have big wide blue eyes but of course, you wouldn’t know if you meet them, as they wear protective black lenses. Their nervous system is based on electrical impulsions. Calm, advanced in many domains, Emerther are a very pleasant people to meet. Their ships first gave name to the appellation “flying saucers” by your people. They came in 1954 on behalf of the Council of the Five, for peaceful purpose, warning different governments against the Do-Hu and the Ciakahrr.








OK, so this is nothing new to any high school kid that has taken basic geometry.  Only thing is I never took geometry so this was all totally new and fascinating and somehow held a key in understanding something about the nature of this matrix, if you will, which we operate in.

In studying all this it naturally leads into the study of the geometry within crystalline minerals and the folklore of their effects. The curious thing about crystals, especially the clear quartz, was that it had "Spiritual" attributes associated with it from cultures that were widely separated over various continents and over great expanses of time. The similar uses and reverences toward these clear stones to me showed that it could possibly be an indicator of a scientific phenomena occurring that is not yet in our current measurable array of scientific equipment.  As it has been said that future advanced technology would appear to us with our present understanding as magic.

I have no idea whether this experience was simply conveying metaphoric concepts or implanting scientific yet to be discovered concepts into my subconscious mind.


Does science show some indications of this reality?

Many decades later in 2001 after testifying in Washington DC in support of releasing suppressed advanced technology, I attended a private meeting in San Francisco with a small group of leading edge scientists arranged by Dr. Steven Greer in order to bring about these advanced technologies that have been withheld from the public. Among the scientists was a Swiss theoretical physicist by the name of Nassim Haramein. I had no idea at the time of his research work into the fundamental geometry of space. Nassim shared with me on his notebook a video of an energy device in the form of a half sphere that was using geometry to pull in energy that was powering a light bulb. The fact that geometrical forms were incorporated into this device, I felt prompted to share what I experienced regarding the geometrical structure and he responded with... "Yes, that is exactly it".

As science continually evolved since I had that experience so many decades ago, I've learned in studying various scientific research into the geometrical structure of reality, that the indications are that all is consciousness which oscillates and therefore forms the geometrical matrix which forms matter. These forms are continually revealed to be related to the Platonic solids that are nested within each other.

The sphere contains within it all of the Platonic solids, which do nest within each other into infinity and there appears to be a hexagonal tetrahedral matrix

within this sphere which appears to act as the building blocks of the various geometries within a sphere.

Such as the 64 tetrahedral grid in 3D
Projects it's 2D counterpart representation as the Flower of Life pattern.

Sound oscillations create forms in space, just as in Cymatic research which has shown that fluids oscillated will form the Platonic solids, and as the frequency increases, so does the complexity of the structuring increases.

From the smallest element we can now measure, it was found that the protons in the nucleus of the atom are not really solid particles as we think of them, but actually the corners of geometric forms that exist like a standing wave pattern of oscillation.

The periodic table of elements appears to be a tetrahedral matrix in which the electrons themselves are geometrically organized in a regular way inside the atom forming a geometrical model of the arrangement of protons in the atomic nucleus, which forms the Platonic Solids and the manifestation of the various elements of all physical matter.

Platonic solids in the nucleus of the atom

The coding of life within our DNA is constructed of hexagonal and pentagonal geometries with the 20 edges of a dodecahedron representing the 20 standard amino acids in DNA. From this, protein bonds into sequences of amino acid tetrahedrons, forming into a 12-sided dodecahedral framework that is then twisted by hydrogen around a fixed polar backbone to produce the 10-step spatial symmetry of the DNA double helix.

The only mathematical ratio that can fractally go into infinity is known as the golden mean (1.618 phi) This ratio is revealed in our DNA and the dodecahedron

DNA dodecahedron model showing the 20 standard amino acids organized in space according to water affinity.

The form of our bodies and throughout nature in growth patterns, revealing the infinite fractal structure and nature of creation. This infinite nature resonates within us and is associated with that which is 'beautiful' to the eye.

(The Pentagram with 21 golden section proportions contained within)

The golden section is expressed throughout nature and is the mathematics of infinity

The 7 Chakras and the Platonic Solids that they resonate with

The structure of the planets and our star the sun are found to have within their spheres a star tetrahedron structure where the points of the two intersecting tetrahedron occur at 19.47 degrees latitude as indicated on the surface of these spherical bodies.

It was also discovered that on planet earth, a dodecahedron and icosahedron grid structure exists where the nodal points of these structures formed vortexes or frequency transition points between these oscillating geometrical forms.

Even each of the different planetary orbits around the sun are separated by the Platonic solids in the sequence Venus-octahedron, Earth-icosahedron, Mars-dodecahedron, Jupiter-tetrahedron and Saturn-cube.

The relationship from the smallest matter we can measure to the size of the entire universe has been mathematically plotted and calculated to reveal that the scale from a proton to the mass of the universe has a scaled fractal relationship throughout the universe, the nature of which appears to extend 'as above' in the macrocosm to 'as below' in the microcosm into infinity.

There are indications that the very thoughts that we think have geometric pattern attributes to them that are related to what is seen in the study of crystallography. Various thought form patterns have been recorded showing how our conscious mind affects the sensitive crystallization patterning of water which can be captured at the moment of freezing.

Higher frequency thoughts of the mind create greater degrees of structuring compared to lower frequency thoughts, in example, loving versus hateful thoughts. That which we term "love" is the fundamental structure of this matrix and is responsible for holding all matter into form. The indications are that the greater the geometrical structuring, the greater alignment to this matrix exists. As water modules transition from a liquid to a crystalline solid they reveal their inherent hexagonal symmetry

Water (H2O) being a universally geometrically resonant medium, which has a particular tetrahedral / hexagonal structure, has the ability to universally form all of the crystallographic forms of the seven major classes within water as revealed in ice core samples.

The element of quartz crystal (SiO2) with it's particular tetrahedral / hexagonal structure also appears to have this universally resonant structure property to the energies of mind in a crystalline form.

Quartz structure is hexagonal

This universally resonant crystalline form due to it's perfectly aligned repetitive structure acts as a universal conduit of receiving and transmitting the energies of mind.

This crystalline molecular array has the ability to cohere and thus amplify the energies of mind, as well as act as a transducer allowing a coupling between dimensional harmonics of matter. In other words, to bridge the formative patterns of mind and matter.

The interlattice angle of a crystal is related to the basal angle. The basal angle is ½ of the angle of the tip of the crystal. The interlattice angle of quartz is 90 degrees minus the basal angle which is 38 degrees. Therefore the interlattice angle is 52 degrees.

The golden section 1.618 Phi is seen in the 52 (51.827) degree angle slope of the sides of The Great Pyramid

Research into the measured energetic transfer between quartz (SiO2) and water (H2O) indicates that the intermolecular bonding angles of these two substances have an angular harmonic resonance mechanism that allows this transfer i.e. quartz at 52 degrees and water at angular multiples of 26 degrees (x2= 52) and 104.5 degrees (/2= 52.25) allowing through the principle of harmonics to transfer energetic information from one to the other.

The common bending angle for water molecule is commonly 26 degrees

(26 x2= 52)

The intramolecular bonding angle for the water molecule is 104.5 degrees

(104.5 /2= 52.25)

Similar how electromagnetic signal harmonics repeat the signal information at harmonic multiples.

The fundamentals of the science of radionics or psychotronics allows the energies of mind to attune to anything in the universe through the angular resonance of mind which can exist within a single angular aspect of a circle. This single circle can be further fine tuned through the multiplication of these circles representing multiplication stages.

The Radionic Camera and its tuning dials developed in the 1950s by George DeLaWarr

The element of time appears to be directly related to the gravitational field and that the future and past are operating at a different frequency aspect of the eternal present moment and can be attuned to. Multiple concurrent time line possibilities simultaneously exist.

The unique element of the DelaWarr Camera from other radionic devices is the incorporation of a Time Spiral of 7 turns in which the witness once attuned to could resonate at a different place in time to take a photograph in the past or in the future.

Everything is a hologram of everything and all elements of creation are entangled and inseparable from everything else. Because of this nature, anything or anyone can be resonated or attuned to though any fractal aspect of them. i.e. a 'witness' specimen of their DNA in blood or hair or even a photograph. Therefore any change in any aspect of the whole changes the whole. This may be the mechanism of how information from an individual mind in shared collectively through a morphogenetic field that connects all minds.

It may be that the Pineal gland which is made up internally of actively changing liquid crystals act as a angular harmonic resonant receiver / transmitter to these geometric energies of this universal mind.

So the indications appear regarding this experience shows that a geometrical fractally nested structure of Platonic solids in a universally resonant tetrahedral matrix exists that forms all that appears to be matter and that consciousness or mind is the source of this matrix.

References for the above are in this section


"As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clearheaded science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about the atoms this much: There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. . . . We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter."

– Max Planck - Father of Quantum Mechanics

"The mind of man expresses his thought in geometric patterns these geometric patterns are identical to what we see in the crystallographic world the geometry of mind and the geometry of crystallography are identical"

- Marcel Vogel 1983






The Reality Projection Experience

Shortly after in that same year in 1977 I had another apparent learning experience with what appeared to be ether extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional beings. As I came home one afternoon from work at the Naval Electronics Engineering Center feeling a little tired I decided to lay down to take a short nap in which I found myself being out of my body on what appeared to be some type of craft with a number of small 3 to 4 foot tall beings in a circle.

The impression I got from them is they seemed to be child-like in nature yet like extremely wise old men at the same time. I sensed that they acted as one shared mind together. There was one being that was much taller that appeared to be the leader or coordinator of the group that came up to activate a control on a console. When he did this I immediately started feeling a spinning sensation that was gradually increasing in greater and greater speed.

As the spinning sensation speed started to increase to the point where it was becoming intensely unbearable, where I could no long handle this at the level I was on, and said to myself "I turn this over to my higher self" that point of surrender it felt like I went through some type of portal and was seemingly teleported to the most beautiful mountain top on a spring day with an incredible feeling of euphoria.

The state of consciousness and feeling is hard to put into words, it felt like they took my conscious state and raised the frequency through this spinning vortex mechanism to bring me up to an exhalted state of consciousness

As I observed this euphoric exhalted state of this blissful reality, the scene I was observing started to slowly pulsate and flicker and soon found myself inside a movie theatre seeing the reality I was experiencing being projected up on a movie screen

I immediately became aware that I was looking at the creative pulsations of my consciousness that were being projected like a movie projector in frames that form a movie


It seemed as though this heightened frequency state of consciousness that I was experiencing allowed me to see in between the frames of projection of my consciousness, which normally would appear in a lower state to be a very solid reality and would at that level have no awareness that I am creatively involved in the unconscious high frequency cycles of creation and experience that make up reality.

Understanding the process that was going on looking at my projected reality up on the movie screen that apparently these beings were showing me, I jokingly said to myself "OK, so what is the name of this movie?".

Immediately across the screen in a beautiful elegant script the title spelled out "The Journey of a Mystic"

Still in this exhalted state of heighten consciousness, I was fully aware that my body was still lying back on the bed while I was having this experience. I thought to myself that I bet I could maintain this incredible state of consciousness and re-enter my body and open my eyes without losing this heighten state of consciousness.

I did exactly that. As I opened my eyes I felt like I was looking at the world through the eyes of a child, everything fascinated me like a child's innocent open mind, as looking at the world for the first time.

My consciousness stayed in that heightened state for the next hour or so and then eventually the mundane routine thoughts of the world started to re-enter into my conscious experience back to my normal daily life.

This experience I will never forget. It will be many decades later that the leading scientists in quantum physics reveal evidence that our reality is indeed a holographic projection similar to a computer simulation. At the time of this experience in 1977 these ideas and concepts were completely foreign to me.

The above painting titled title is "St. Panteleimon the Healer" by Russian Artist Nicholas Roerich done in the early 1930s reminded me of this experience.

The below painting of a cave of quartz crystals by the same artist is titled "Most Sacred (Treasure of the Mountains)


“Have you ever had a dream that you were certain was real, only to wake up and realize that everyone and everything in the dream was really you? Well this is how many mystics describe the nature of our reality, as a dream in which we think we are individual personalities existing in the physical universe. But eventually, like in all dreams, we will wake up. Except in this dream we do not wake up to realize we are still in the world, we awake from the world to realize that we are God.”

― Joseph P. Kauffman Ref


"Man is made in the image and likeness of God, therefore we create"

- Marcel Vogel



Is There Somebody Out There?

That same year, more than two decades before ever hearing about CE-5 protocols in the year 2000 to mentally contact ET craft through your intention and understanding that these advanced life forms could communicate across seeming great distances telepathically through conscious thought, I experienced a confirmation of this when I was camping at night way off the beaten path in the Laguna mountains east of San Diego with a girl friend. What happened was, I felt this intense but extreme clarity of thought, is the only way I can describe it, of a presence that appeared to be coming from the night sky, so intense that it evoked me to actually hold my hand out to the sky and ask out loud "is there somebody out there?" immediately in response to my question, what originally appeared to be one the stars in the sky made itself known and started moving up and down as in a "yes" type motion while displaying brightly multiple luminous colors scintillating around the craft. I called my girl friend over to confirm what I was seeing, saying "do you see what I'm seeing?" she did, and felt a bit uncomfortable with the situation, which is unfortunate, as I wanted to interact with them, and have them come closer in, but I felt they did not want to psychologically impact us if they sensed any fear.

The moving up and down yes response to "is there somebody out there?"

That experience showed me that looking to communicate with extraterrestrials using the common mode of communications that we use here on earth with the electromagnetic spectrum is rather futile. As advanced off planet cultures dealing with millions of light years in distances would understand the interconnectedness (some call entanglement) of the matrix of consciousness which is communicated by thought instantaneously anywhere in the cosmos. In the work with Dr. Marcel Vogel who proved in his laboratory experiments with man-to-plant life communications that he was able to get a reaction on the script chart recorder in his lab at IBM in California all the way from from Prague, Czechoslovakia on the other side of the planet instantaneously, showing that the inverse square law of electromagnetic propagation does not apply to the energies of mind. This was documented in the book "The Secret Life of Plants".



The Journey to the Scientist Researching Crystals

"Our primary responsibility is to love."

- Marcel Vogel

I heard of the work of Marcel Vogel who was the foremost scientist and authority in researching the field of mind/matter interaction with crystals and decided to drive from San Diego to San Jose, California in one of the worst storms with 100 mph gusts across the Golden Gate.  I arrived in the late evening at Dr. Vogel's home and knocked on the door.   He answered and welcomed me in and invited me to sit on his living room couch with a doctor friend of his and turned off all the lights and proceeded to play a classical piece of music for what seemed to be a half hour.   When he turned on the lights I told him that I heard of his work with crystals and was fascinated to learn more. He replied with "you are from another planet aren't you?"   I told him I didn't know about that and then he told me about a research laboratory he was planning on opening after he retires from IBM, and invited me to join him as a research associate.  

I was very honored and accepted even though I was still working for the government at the Naval Electronics Engineering Center in San Diego.   Later that same evening, a knock came at the door and a woman with a daughter who had a large protruding tumor on her ankle had heard about Marcel's ability to heal the body with crystals.  As I observed on the couch with the doctor sitting next to me, Marcel took a specially cut crystal and through a procedure of using the breath, actually dematerialized the swollen tumor that was protruding about a 1/2 and inch from her ankle in front of our eyes.  

This demonstration made a lasting impression and showed me that this man had discovered something real in how matter through consciousness through the geometry of the crystalline matrix of a crystal formed in such a way to cohere the conscious intention to assist that person in a rapid transformation of restructuring back into a healthy formative energy pattern of the body.



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