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This page is undergoing ongoing revisions and will be updated

The current Phryll Generator design below is only for your reference, but please note that it is in great need of optimization of the Phryll output level which we are working on. So it is best to wait before attempting to reproduce so that you can have a more robust version.

We will advise when the higher Phryll output version is ready for world production

Current Revision 11-21-2023



A gift from their world to ours


Jen Han Eredyon with authorization from the Galactic Federation of Worlds has given the technical construction details in our ongoing communications log to create a Phryll Generator Crystal to be used for beneficial purposes on our planet.


Please feel free to share these instructions.
Especially to scientists around the world


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Construction Basics:


1) The Crystal

The quartz crystal is the most expensive component. The size of the crystal is commonly between 4.25 and 6 inches in length and will determine the capacity. A longer crystal is preferred for greater Phryll generation. Common prices range from $150 to $600 or more

It must be cut vertically in alignment with the C-axis and laterally in alignment with the hexagonal core of the 6 sided lattice structure.

The sides can be either tapered or straight.


Although the 51.84 and 60.0 angle terminations are recommended, Jen Han has stated that a 3 to 4 degree variance will have negligible effect on Phryll output.

The 60 degree termination faces upward.

The area of the "eye" of the crystal needs to be without inclusions

These are the detailed requirements for cutting the crystal Ref




2) The Torsion Field Coils

The Phryll Generator Crystal is technology that is used on the Planet Erra. A crystal cut to the Vogel/Eredyon specifications is wrapped with two coils that are perpendicular to each other at 90 degrees. Copper wire is wound clockwise and Silver wire is wound counter-clockwise. It is important that the spacing between the wires be at least equal to twice the diameter of the wire of each coil to create the torsion field. The two coils are pulsed alternately at 4096 Hz frequency. This creates a torsion field within the crystal lattice structure which releases the Phryll.


Copper coil wound clockwise (Note that clockwise is looking from the top of the coil)
Silver coil wound counter clockwise
The copper and silver coils are at 90 degrees to each other
The silver is for the Etheric field and the copper is for the electromagnetic field
The copper and silver coils should not electrically make contact with each other
Insulated copper wire with a thin enamel coating can be used to insulate the two coils
A thin electromagnetically transparent cylindrical round coil form can be used
If the coils extend into crystal termination areas it will have more power but less stable
The more coil turns of wire the more power
Coils as close as possible to crystal without touching it
Wire can be of a fine gauge wire i.e. AWG#28 gauge 0.33 mm diameter or larger
The spacing between the wires to be equal to twice the diameter of the wire
(For example a 0.33 mm diameter wire will need 0.66 mm space between each wire)
The copper and silver must be the only active metals in the structure




Example of out source 3D printing order


3D Printer CAD .STL file download resource:

Phryll Base
Phryll Base Tube
Top Holder
Main Holder
Base Locker


Open Source 3D CAD modeller software download





3) Power Source

The two 4096 Hz narrow pulse signals are alternately at 180 degree phase shift energizing the torsion fields of the silver and copper coils.
The signal amplitude can be 20 volts which is the most secure rate
Higher voltage can be used but only increased progressively from 20 volts up to 60 volts, but do not exceed 60 volts





Schematic resource for a dual output of 4096 Hz pulsed power for the two torsion field coils

Click here for PDF

Schematic Revision Date 10-31-2023



There is a time/mass ratio that corresponds to the saturation point. When the crystal reaches this saturation point it will "sing" (as mentioned previously). After this point is passed, the crystal implodes. It becomes Light and transcends matter and density. It can be very harmful at this stage. So this is why on the planet Erra they harvest Phryll and generate energy supply by sequences. So this must be monitored for the singing sound or the torsion fields must be periodically disengaged and sequenced to not allow saturation.







Suggested Resources for Materials:


Note that the current revision of the Phryll Generator Crystal is undergoing continual revisions as we are working on optimizing the level of Phryll generation with our communication exchanges with Jen Han Eredyon. Keep in mind, that this current design is in need of further optimization, therefore it is recommenced to wait before attempting to reproduce this so that you have a more robust version of the Phryll generation as this design evolves. Please save the current basic plans for future reference in the event this site for whatever reason becomes unavailable. The following are a few suggested resources. This list is not conclusive by any means and is only provided for your convenience.


Quartz Crystal Vogel/Eredyon specification 6 sided Ref


3D Printing Services Ref Ref

Note that this requires high resolution printing of 0.1 to 0.2 mm tolerance


Wire can be AWG#28 gauge or larger for the torsion field coils

Copper insulated wire Ref Ref (insulated to keep from shorting to silver wire)

Silver uninsulated wire Ref


Signal Generator Ref

Note this signal generator only supplies a power level of up to 20 volts
You can have 2 outputs to the two coils that are 180 degrees out of phase
Frequency of both outputs is 4096 Hz with a narrow pulse width of 0.1% duty cycle

We may in the future make available a customized power unit specifically for powering the Phryll Generator torsion coils at high power levels with built in protection to keep the crystal from saturating ("singing").









Beneficial Attributes of Phryll


Jen Han:
Always use Phryll generation for beneficial purposes. Otherwise I am in trouble here.
My brother monitors and records all our conversations. However, I am told that you can share all of what we have been talking about with the other Terrans, it is time they know.

The Phryll from Source is the most powerful energy you can ever imagine to harness. Of
course, when the singularity of the vortex is triggered in the crystal, and when it bridges to Source, Phryll comes from it. If it is not harvested it will radiate outwards and propagate in the ether around in a halo.

When you hold in your bare hands the crystal that is surrounded by a halo of Phryll, it regenerates your cells by invigorating and strengthening the bounds between the particles that compose it.

When Phryll loads within your body, it modifies matter by reorganizing the atomic bonds in what is dissonant. That is how you say in a simpler way that Phryll can heal. Phryll has no effect on the atoms properly speaking, but on the frequency between them.

Phryll charged water, water that has remained in the proximity of a Phryll generator crystal core device, changes its geometrical structure but it is temporary. Water has a property that we call geometry elasticity. After a variable amount of time it reforms to its original structure. In the meantime, you can use this water to feed other living forms as long as it is kept within a glass container that insulates it from the universal bio-field. In an open air recipient the Phryll will not stay forever.

The Phryll-charged water. You can drink this water and bathe with it. Rinsing your hair with this water, you will notice a difference in the radiance of your hair.

This water heals, it can re-pair disharmonics in the body and give you back joy and determination when you most need some. It extends youth.

Plants and other biological life-forms such as humans naturally feed of Phryll that is present in the surrounding ether, as you call it. Increasing the Phryll supply has not only an energizing effect; it also heals. When there is a wound or a disease, Phryll level is weak.


The Terrans need to become conscious of how effective is the power of manifestation. It affects matter, the lattice of reality, and propagates effects into adjacent densities. All is resonance, across time, matter, energy, and densities of consciousness. You see, consciousness’ expansion is related to the frequency rate of reality. When particles vibrate faster, the mind computes faster, consciousness expands farther and intelligence expands with it. We see better, clearer, farther. We think faster. The force that binds protons and electrons together is a vibration, that has a specific, very precise frequency rate. If you alter
the frequency rate between particles, you change the solid reality. Thus you can heal by repairing tissues, because you will re-pair the broken links due to a dissonance of frequency. The universe tends towards perfection.


When you set the two serpents free to dance around the crystal, they create the very essence of Source: Phryll. This is a reproduction of the great creation. This is powerful, my friend, and it is unlimited and it is free. It is not only about crystals, it is about so much more, it is about everything. Once you understand this, you are free.





Questions to Jen Han regarding the detection and measuring of the Phryll

Jen Han:
There is a component that is kept secret when it comes to produce Phryll energy. As you may know, Phryll is akin to gravity waves. It is available everywhere on and near this planet, stars, and any object that induces gravity.
Electrical pulses through the vortex of the crystal emit gravity waves. These waves carry Phryll but it is not noticeable until you interface these waves with a conductive body, object, material, planet or else. It passes through it and you can measure it. For Phryll to be harvested directly from gravity waves, you need the hidden element.

Is there a way you would recommend to be able to measure the output of Phryll from the crystal? Is there any artifacts of the Phryll that Terrans can measure to indicate the presence and quantity of Phryll?
Jen Han:
biofield measurement devices capture it, also anything that can measure an electromagnetic field, but I do not know about the whole range of technology available on your planet

How would we distinguish that from normal electromagnetic fields we are generating?
Jen Han:
This is different. Phryll’s energy field doesn’t originate from electrical current but compression waves. Do you own devices able to measure compression waves traversing the void, or should I say, non-void= space?

Jen Han:
I am not familiar with your technology, but I can comment as such: anything that measures the electric charge in the photonic field.

Jen Han:
I would answer that Phryll has no atomic composition as it is a wave. You should be able to measure a change in the weight of the crystal when it overloads. The mass of the crystal is not affected when the Phryll flows through it.
Understand: Phryll has no mass. When overloading a crystal, the Phryll starts to modify the frequency rate in the atomic bonds of the quartz. Same when it loads within your body: it modifies matter by reorganizing the atomic bonds in what is dissonant. That is how you say in a simpler way that Phryll can heal. Phryll has no effect on the atoms properly speaking, but on the frequency between them.

Jen Han:
Phryll is detected by the bending of the particles of light and the force waves that compress the void in regular pulsing waves.

Jen Han:
The photonic field as I could describe it, if the frequency of light, not particles. Frequency fields are wave impulses, and light is made of waves, same as gravity, although gravity and light do not occur in the same mechanical pattern of propagation. Gravity creates Phryll, Phryll creates light. It is difficult for me to understand the technology of your measuring devices, so I hope I could be of any help here.


Jen Han Eredyon





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